Brand New Chestnut Barrels

  • Best suited for indoor/interior use
  • Available with or without a removable lid

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Hardwood Chestnut Barrels – unused, from 30 Litres to 150 Litres.

The perfect barrel for decoration or storage. Durable, traditional barrels, handcrafted by skilled craftsmen in Europe from hardwood chestnut using standard coopering methods. We offer these barrels in a wide range of sizes from 5 Litres to 150 Litres.

Approximate Dimensions

Capacity – 150 litres, Height – 79cm, Diameter (belly) – 56cm, Diameter (top) – 44.5cm,  Weight – 25kg

Capacity – 100 litres, Height – 80cm, Diameter (belly) – 50cm, Diameter (top) – 40cm,  Weight – 25kg

Capacity – 50 litres, Height – 66cm, Diameter (belly) – 43cm, Diameter (top) – 35cm,  Weight – 20kg

Capacity – 30 litres, Height – 57cm, Diameter (belly) – 38cm, Diameter (top) – 28.5cm,  Weight – 15kg

Please note – these barrels are not watertight